Table 4: TBT Member Roles and Functions

TBT Member Roles & Functions

All Team Members

Be an engaged team member by:

  • Contributing to the dialogue
  • Asking relevant questions
  • Respecting the norms and processes of the team
  • Actively listening
  • Following through on decisions of the team


  • Guide team discussion, helping move team members through the process
  • Remind the group of the team’s outcomes, the purpose, topics, and the process
  • Pose questions and let members work through them in discussions
  • Regulate group activities and contributions
  • Create and distribute agendas to other team members and the BLT
  • Meet with the BLT to coordinate the data and information that is necessary for district monitoring of implementation


  • Make sure the team follows pre-determined time frames as outlined on the meeting agenda
  • Remind team members of the time allotted for each part of the meeting discussion

Data Organizer/Technician

  • Organize relevant data in clear, easy-to-use formats
  • Distribute data to all TBT members prior to the meeting

Focus Monitor

  • Keep dialogue focused on the step in the process on which the team is focused
  • Support chair/co-chair in reminding team of purpose of process when necessary


  • Take minutes during the meeting on the template provided
  • Distribute meeting summary/minutes to team members and other designated individuals

Source: Adapted from McNulty, B.A., & Besser, L. (2011).
Leaders make it happen! An administrator’s guide to data teams. Englewood, CO: Lead + Learn Press.

Ohio's Data Team Process: Teacher-based Teams (TBTs) in Action

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