This module, Ohio's Data Team Process: Teacher-based Teams (TBTs) in Action, is designed to develop knowledge and understanding in teacher education candidates and beginning teachers related to collaborative learning teams (e.g., data teams, teacher-based teams). Module objectives have been keyed to Ohio's Standards for the Teaching Profession (coded as O.T… in the list of module objectives) and to the Council for Exceptional Children's beginning teacher standards for initial preparation programs (coded as CEC… in the list of module objectives). 

Included in the module are pre- and post-assessment questions, resources, independent and small-group activities, and suggested readings, all intended to augment learning and enhance the module user's experience.

Module Objectives

Keyed to Ohio’s Standards for the Teaching Profession

O.T.3.3 Teachers analyze data to monitor student progress and learning and to plan, differentiate and modify instruction.

O.T.3.4 Teachers collaborate and communicate student progress with students, parents, and colleagues.

O.T.4.2 Teachers use information about students’ learning and performance to plan and deliver instruction that will close the achievement gap.

O.T.4.5 Teachers differentiate instruction to support the learning needs of all students, including students identified as gifted, students with disabilities, and at-risk students.

O.T.6.1 Teachers communicate clearly and effectively.

O.T.6.3 Teachers collaborate effectively with other teachers, administrators, and school and district staff.

O.T.7.2 Teachers take responsibility for engaging in continuous, purposeful professional development.

O.T.7.3 Teachers are agents of change who seek opportunities to positively impact teaching quality, school improvements and student achievement.

Keyed to CEC Beginning Teacher Standards for Initial Preparation Programs

CEC.I.2.1 Beginning special education professionals through collaboration with general educators and other colleagues create safe, inclusive, culturally responsive learning environments to engage individuals with exceptionalities in meaningful learning activities and social interactions.

CEC.I.4.3 Beginning special education professionals in collaboration with colleagues and families use multiple types of assessment information in making decisions about individuals with exceptionalities.

CEC.I.6.4 Beginning special education professionals understand the significance of lifelong learning and participate in professional activities and learning communities.

CEC.I.7.1 Beginning special education professionals use the theory and elements of effective collaboration.

CEC.I.7.2 Beginning special education professionals serve as a collaborative resource to colleagues.

CEC.I.7.3 Beginning special education professionals use collaboration to promote the well being of individuals with exceptionalities across a wide range of settings and collaborators.

About the Module

Ohio's Data Team Process: Teacher-based Teams (TBTs) in Action: Higher Education Faculty Guide was written by Dr. Aimee Howley, Professor Emerita, Ohio University, and Principal Investigator, WordFarmers Associates; and Marged Dudek, Mullin Independent School District, Mullin, Texas. Any or all portions of this document may be reproduced and distributed without prior permission, provided the source is cited as:

Howley, A., & Dudek, M. (2014). Ohio's data team process: Teacher-based teams (TBTs) in action: Higher education faculty guide. Dublin, OH: University of Dayton, School of Education and Health Sciences Grant Center.

Photographs used in this publication have been provided courtesy of the districts featured and the University of Dayton.

Content downloaded for this document augments instructions for participants in the University of Dayton's Transition to Teaching (T2T) cohort program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement through Grant #U350B110015; and the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children.

Content provided throughout this document is intended for use by higher education faculty whose students are using the module, Ohio's Data Team Process: Teacher-based Teams (TBTs) in Action, which is available through the Ohio Deans Compact on Exceptional Children at This Higher Education Faculty Guide is also available as a downloadable document from the Compact site. Both documents – the module and the higher education guide – can also be accessed through the Ohio T2T Clearinghouse, at

Teacher-based Teams: Pre- and Post-Assessment

Instructional Content & Activities

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